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Our Achievements

10kg weight loss in two months.jpg

So so proud of you @shekharraj387 you did a tremendous job and the level of dedication and consistency you kept throughout the plan was outstanding.
I believe you learnt a way to achieve a healthy body without leaving any of your fav food, without any supplements, nor any fad diet, followed a sustainable and doable plan with your dedication of-course..😍😍



🌟Initial weight - 92kg
🌟Current - 86kg
🌟Concern- resolved menstrual cycle on time.

This little girl who has just passed out from college and turned a lockdown food blogger 🙈🧚‍♀️ with pcod being an issue due to which she was gaining weight, being lethargic, irregular menstrual cycle joined me with a goal of losing her weight and getting her issues resolved before the condition gets worsen.

So being a food blogger it was easy for her to try on recipes which she definitely enjoyed and she enjoyed eating her fav parantha, pizza ,pasta and burger.

🌟Got her periods issues resolved without medications with home cooked food suggestions.🌟

She lost good 6kg with amazing inch loss and she is still in the plan and on the way to achieve her target weight.

@ashimagupta884 you are an amazing person. And a great support system for me as well.❤❤

We are on the way to the goal and you owe me a pizza (as promised)



Starting Weight - 58kg
End Weight - 52kg
Target -Fatloss
Night shift 🧚‍♀️

@mimsningshen thank you for you patience and following the plan so so diligently ( why I said patience because she didnt even lose 500gm in first month) but she kept doing good with her plans and did more hardwork.

A person with night shift has an entirely different pattern from eating to sleeping. Everything is managed and followed in a different way.

The plan was made and taken and followed well by mimi in a smart way.
I know it was quite slow but it was worth it 💫❤

Thanks mimi 


I am so proud of you Dheeraj, he lost 10kg in 3months with his level of enthusiasm, dedication and positive outlook and zeal to achieve his target.
He always adapted and appreciated with the diet plan given though after loosing 5kg in a month, he got stuck at 82kg but never let his plateau bother him. He had a great fat loss from face, tummy( this bothered him)🙈.

He joined my plan with a parameter to accomplish for his joining in forces and here we go 'He stands where he wanted to be'😍❤.


Weight : 69kg
Current :60kg
Target : Fatloss



@vandy_r_v our scientist was busy in research studies and forgot to take care of herself and her meal pattern. 7 months back she has finally decided to give herself some time to look after her health and her weight.
Her plan was customized according to her busy schedule and managed to try on new recipes over weekend and her love for south Indian food was also made available so she doesn't miss her rice..

Finally she is able to fit back in her old clothes and flaunt well 🌟❤ with loads loads of cheat meals and some days because of her work 🙈

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